The race course is easily accessible from I-95, US Route 1, and Virginia State Route 3. There are several hotels nearby to host racers, and one of Virginia's largest shopping areas is located across the road - all within a ten minute walking distance of the race site.

The start and finish line is located right across from a parking area with a 5,000 vehicle capacity so no shuttles are necessary to transport racers/spectators and it gives them the freedom to leave the site as they please. In addition the start/finish will offer musical performances as well as food and drink vendors to make the experience more enjoyable.

The terrain is a perfect mix of wide open fields and paths that can handle a large crowd with 23 planned obstacles on the course. These obstacles will include high walls, several pond crossings, a river crossing rope climbs, Crossfit exercises, hill climbs, barbed wire bear crawls, tire steps, games, and more. The terrain is hilly and 1.5 miles will lead the racer along the beautiful Rappahannock River. The remaining 3.5 miles are going to run on wide open fields, great for family and friends to get a good glimpse of the action.